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Light and Shadow Blueprints

Digital Model Printed - 15x15x20cm

The exploration of shadow as a form of painting. The sculpture depicts a group of dolphins swimming around, but when a spotlight is shone on it, the shadow cast by the sculpture takes the shape of a pigeon.

The "Caged" sculpture is not only an artistic expression but also a reservation project, as I believe that the blueprints of this sculpture can be transformed into a true-life sculpture in the post-COVID era.


I sees this sculpture as a symbol of hope and a reminder of the desire for freedom and escape that many people have felt during the pandemic. The use of the imagery of dolphins and pigeons also serves to convey the idea of the connection between the natural world and the human experience, and how they both have been impacted by the pandemic.

I created this work using digital media, 3D modeling, and FDM 3D printing. The sculpture conveys a message about the desire for freedom, which is reflected in the imagery of dolphins swimming and pigeons flying, both of which are symbols of freedom and escape. It is also my trial on making reservational projects, designing in first place and bring the concept of this sculpture to life in the near future, hence, make it a physical monument that can be seen and experienced by the public.

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