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About Me

I am not an artist. So this is not an Artist Statement.

My artistic practice is constantly evolving and diverse in terms of topics and concepts. The common thread that runs through my work is a desire to critique and reflect on the negative aspects of our capital-driven society, such as the loss of individuality, overconsumption, and the meritocracy of the art world.

I approach these social issues as a means of understanding the world around me and use a variety of traditional and digital mediums and a design-oriented approach to experiment with different forms of representation. My work is not meant to provide direct criticism, but rather to create encrypted, yet accessible expressions of my thoughts and messages.

My goal is to create works that engage the audience and encourage them to critically reflect on the irrationality of our society.


While my work may seem overly rational, I believe that art should have a clear narrative and be able to speak for itself without the need for external context or explanation.


Kevin Yang is a generative and sculptural art practioner based in London, United Kingdom.


Born in 2001 in Wenzhou, China, Kevin's childhood was marked by the influence of both Austrian and Chinese cultures, having lived in both Vienna and Shanghai. This cultural diversity has shaped his artistic practice, leading him to explore the similarities and differences between Western and Eastern social environments through a diversified, pluralistic lens.

At the age of 15, Kevin chose to study abroad in the UK, where he began to explore the architectural designs of the Bauhaus and the concept of readymade art. He earned a foundation degree from the University Arts of London CSM in Fine Art Pathway and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, where he is also a co-founder of the Future and Technology group.

Kevin's work has been exhibited at the CSM Hall and at the individual artist show "The Fish Tank," which he also curated. He has also participated in the official UAL Bauhaus 100 program as both an artist and a curator. In addition to his fine art practice, Kevin has experience in commercial branding and graphic design, having worked with The Northwall Theatre Oxford and Meetcam Education Ltd.

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