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Generative Sculptural Medium

The QRCube generator is a belnder plug-in that allows users to create 3D QR code sculptures using 3D printing and modeling. It is open-source, accessible to the general audience, and it was developed to overcome the 2D property of the QR code. It allows users to build figurative sculptures and other forms of art from QR cubes, which can carry 6x more information than a traditional 2D QR code.

Development Log. 2022.7

The pandemic has made the computer my primary tool for creating, whether through modeling, 3D printing, simulations, or programming. I began thinking about this project a few weeks before the Easter holidays, after a presentation I gave on Tuesday crits.

During that time, I had recently completed a code-generated work using C# scripts. It was a water simulation that generated frame shots based on given language inputs, creating a link between language and a visual form object. However, the work was not accessible to a general audience and could only be run on a debugging console within the IDE.

During the crits, one of the tutors, Susan, pointed out the limitations of my work and emphasized the importance of considering the audience when creating code-based art. This led me to explore the potential of QR codes as a means of translating various data into a visual form.

As a sculptor, I was initially unsatisfied with the two-dimensional nature of QR codes. To overcome this limitation, I began experimenting with 3D printing and modeling QR cubes. This opened up new possibilities for creating figurative sculptures and other forms of art.

However, I realized that the process of creating QR cubes was not accessible to a general audience. In order to make my work more accessible, I decided to develop an add-on program that would allow anyone to create their own QR cubes.

The development process was challenging as I had no previous experience working with Python or the Blender API. But through research and collaboration with the developer community, I was able to create the add-on.

I am grateful to the generous and selfless developers who shared their knowledge and resources. And, in keeping with the spirit of open-source development, I intend to make my add-on available to the public. Have fun making your own QR cubes!

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